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1)    Building for lease with minimum of 5 floors and at least 11,000 square feet per floor. Full branded occupancy. 5 to 7 years terms. To occupy September. Will cover costs of EXPRESS fit out.
2)    Computers and set up for 1,000 employees including security, servers and entire system set-up and administration.
3)    Multiple Tv-studios set up including cameras, editing machines, microphones and every up to date technology in hardware and software with full appearance on satellite. 
4)    Outsourced Call centre with multiple languages
5)    Brand new 100 SUVs from a strong British brand.
6)    Outsourced accountant with international brand experience and direct in-house contacts with local British banks.
7)    International law firm with resources into over 50countries in the world.
8)    International Public Relations firm with direct international media access from TV to print.
9)    International Advertising firm with experienced campaign managers.
10)  International event management firm with proven track record.
11)  International human resource management firm covering recruitment and payroll.
12)  DEAL BROKERS that can negotiate terms between Development Channel and established British companies in the following industries: Electric power generation and distribution, oil and gas covering both upstream and downstream, Road construction, Water generation and distribution, pensions and retirement investments management including social security, business start-up services, credit profile services, hospital construction and management including health insurance, home building, and more.
13)  Personal trainer, personal assistants, personal chef, personal drivers, and personal security.

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