About E4d

Unemployment is probably the most important issue in any society. There is no greater security for any country like good employment numbers as it guarantees less crime, business patronage, higher government taxes, increased foreign direct investments, higher literacy and most of the positives we see in any society. Unemployment however creates despair, high crime including violent crime, poverty, insecurity, depression, family problems and many other society ills. 


Governments and their support in job creation are extremely limited hence private sector job creation is the only avenue to reduce high unemployment in any society. There is however a huge impediment in this regard as most developing countries do not have the resources in finance or technical know how towards supporting private sector companies towards tangible job creation and sustenance. 


Entrepreneurs for Diversification(E4D) is a venture capital/business consulting company focussed on empowering businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world to achieve their dreams as well as create jobs for others helping to drastically reduce unemployment in the society and foster growth.


E4D provides income opportunity, business funding, consulting and strategic assistance, international trade opportunities and more in line with the parent company, Development Channel’s commitment towards bridging the global development divide especially in unemployment with some countries being as high as 60% unemployment.